Non-woven fabric (15 gsm)

Size: 1
Width: 1.6m
Color: Hospital Blue

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As a material with enormous filtration capacity, Nonwoven Fabric is widely used in the hospital sector, both in the production of masks and in uniforms. It is also widely used in other industries such as the automotive, footwear and gifts industry.

Kind of fabric Nonwoven Fabric
Composition 100% Polypropylene
Goal Manufacture of clothing, masks, hospital supplies.


Roll length: varies depending on weight:

 Weight Width Length Price / meter
15 gsm 2.30 m 1000 m 0,25€
40 gsm 1.01 m 200 m 0,28€
70 gsm 0.63 m 200 m 0,33€
100 gsm 1.60 m 250 m 1,54€

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