Serapilheira ou Juta: O Tecido a Não Esquecer

Burlap or Jute: The Fabric Not to Forget

Burlap or jute When it comes to versatile and sustainable fabrics, burlap or jute is one of the stars not to be forgotten. With ancient origins ...
Como fazer aproveitamento de tecidos. Cobertas e mantas de patchwork. Texland. Blog

Fabric Use - What to do?

In this short article you will discover how to avoid textile waste using the Patchwork technique . Using the fabric scraps left after finishing your project is possible with Texland!
Como limpar e cuidar dos tecidos do seu sofá para que durem mais tempo. Texland

This is how you maintain the quality of the fabrics, especially the sofa!

Good maintenance of any type of fabric is the secret to longevity! No one buys a sofa thinking that it is an investment for just one year or a pie...
Estes são os tecidos de linho a usar neste Verão!

These are the linen fabrics to use this summer!

Good weather coming? Linen is a versatile fabric and highly sought after by customers in many parts of the world thanks to its numerous advant...
Comprar malha 3D ou Air mesh | Texland

Have you ever worked with 3D Mesh? Here are the advantages...

Características dos Tecidos
Have you ever worked with Malha 3D fabric? These are some of its advantages 3D mesh is one of those fabrics that is often forgotten, but which...
5 tecidos para forrar os seus sofás - Texland

5 Fabrics to cover your sofa

Tecidos para Forrar e Estofar
Are you unsure about what type of fabric you should choose to cover your sofa? These are the 5 ideal fabrics: Sofas are one of the most importan...
Tecido ideal para toalhas de mesa e guardanapos - Texland

And the best fabrics for tablecloths are...

Características dos Tecidos
What are the best fabrics for making tablecloths and napkins? Tablecloths and napkins are kitchen and dining room essentials. Choosing the ideal fa...
Tecidos para fatos de carnaval e marchas populares. Cetim e tule. Tecidos para marchas populares. Blog. Texland

Satin, the fabric that brings your Carnival costume to life

Carnival is one of the most anticipated parties of the year and is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild and have fun. And to make it u...
Texland - 9 aspetos a ter em conta quando escolhe tecidos - Texland

9 aspects to consider when choosing a fabric

Características dos Tecidos
For Texland these are the 9 aspects you should consider when choosing a fabric:
      1. Quality
      2. Composition
      3. Weight/ Grammage
      4. Texture
      5. Elasticity
      6. Price
      7. Maintenance
      8. Sustainability
      9. Use

Choosing the fabrics best suited to your project is easier with Texland.

Napa Sintética várias cores _ blog _ texland

Synthetic Napa: the versatile fabric you are looking for

Tecidos para Forrar e Estofar

Advantages of Napa? Here they are:

  • More economical alternative compared to materials such as leather;
  • Highly versatile;
  • Waterproof and easy to maintain;
  • The use of Napa does not involve animal suffering;

At Textand we offer nappa in various colors so you can bring your various projects to life, click here to see the available colors.