Processes and deadlines for sending orders

1. The delivery time for mainland Portugal ranges from 1 to 3 business days. For the islands of Madeira between 3 to 15 days (on request). For the other countries please enter contact with us. Texland operates from Monday to Friday. The shipping processing of your order is only indicated after payment validation, stock checks, product quality control and carrier collection. All shipments are processed during Texland's opening hours. Orders made after 13:00 will only be processed on the next business day. Orders are processed from Monday to Friday. It is not possible to combine schedules or delivery dates. If the order is not received, (either because the order volume is large or because no one is found at the shipping address to receive the product), a second attempt to deliver by the carrier will be made. If this second attempt is not possible, you should contact the carrier and combine/request a new delivery. In the case of loss or loss of the goods, Texland will reimburse the customer equal to the indemnity of the carrier removing the shipping expenses. If there is no compensation, the refund will not be made.

2. Shipping is made considering the weight (kg) of the fabric as a function of the acquired meters. Like this,

    • Continental Portugal:
        • 0kg - 2kg: € 3.90 
        • 2.01kg - 6kg: € 3.90
        • 6.01kg –10kg: € 6.50
        • 10.01kg - 15kg: € 7.99
        • 15.01kg - 20kg: € 9.99
        • 20.01kg - 25kg: € 11.90
        • 25.01kg - 30kg: € 13.90
        • 30.01kg - 35kg: € 15.50
        • 35.01kg - 40kg: € 17.50
        • 40.01kg - 45kg: € 18.99
        • More than 45.01kg: € 20.99
    • Azores and Madeira:
        • 0kg - 100kg: € 25.85
      • Spain:
        • 0kg - 2kg: € 6.00
        • 2.01kg - 6kg: € 6.90
        • 6.01kg - 10kg: € 7.90
        • 10.01kg - 15kg: € 10.50
        • 15.01kg - 20kg: € 13.50
        • 20.01kg - 25kg: € 16.50
        • 25.01kg - 30kg: € 18.99
        • 30.01kg - 35kg: € 21.99
        • 35.01kg - 40kg: € 24.99
        • 40.01kg - 45kg: € 30.90
        • More than 45.01kg: € 35.99

3. will have to enter contact with us and request quote for shipping sizes in the following situations:

        • Orders that can exceed 50kg of fabric
        • Shipping abroad (except Spain)


Returns, refunds and exchanges

It is only possible to return/exchange an article until the payment of it. Once the fabrics will be cut according to the specifications and measures requested by the customer, it will not be possible after payment confirmation exchange or return articles. We ask that, before returning the product, contact us by email, letter, or telephone contact.

The cancellation of the order can only be made until payment, since only after payment will the cutting of the fabric will be made according to the measures requested by the customer.

After payment, the customer will not be entitled to cancel the order and the resolution of the supply contract, pursuant to the provisions of Article 17 (c) of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February, to know:

“Provision of goods made in accordance with consumer specifications or manifestly personalized”.

The customer must notify us of their intention to cancel the order and resolution of the written contract, upon the use of any durable support, preferably by email:

Legal warning

Texland makes available and update permanently on your website information about Texland services and products.

These are described with as much information as possible. If, after the careful reading, doubts persist, namely about their characteristics or price, we ask you to contact Texland by email

A Texland:

      • It reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions contained in this legal note when necessary, without notice.
      • Reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the website when necessary, without notice.
      • rejects any responsibility for any technical inaccuracies and/or typographic errors;
      • It is not responsible for differences in the colors of the products presented on the site and real colors, due to the computer configurations and/or software used;
      • It rejects any responsibility for any computer problems, damage, or viruses, despite ensuring that the Texland site is in accordance with international security standards;
      • It declares that the information published on your website is in accordance with applicable Portuguese law. It is not responsible for complying with any other local laws, being the user solely responsible for ensuring that these local laws are respected.


    Without prejudice to the possibilities of modification/change mentioned above, the version of the Terms and Conditions and the remaining information contained in the website at the time of purchase will be to governed the act after payment.

    Both parties agree that any disputes related to the use of the website (notwithstanding the contrary imperative provision of Portuguese legislation, European Union legislation or international treaty) will be submitted exclusively to the competent court of Porto, Portugal, unless it involves serious and proven inconvenients for one of the parts.

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