These are all frequent doubts inherent to the online fabric buying process in Texland. Your Texland team is ready to help buy the fabrics you need without having to leave home.

Related to the purchase process:

The value of shipping size depends on the amount of fabric you acquire. For this reason the shipping amounts is presented moments before completing your purchase.

At Texland We send their tissues to the entire national territory (including islands) and abroad. The cost of sending abroad is presented after consultation - Contact us.

On the page You can consult the values ​​that are associated with each fabric purchase. 

At Texland We want your shopping experience to be as quickly and personalized as possible. As such, you can pay through:

- MBway
- Credit card
- Bank transfer
- Paypal
- Applepay

Yes, Buy Fabrics in Texland, After making the payment we always send you a confirmation email. If you have not received it please consult your spam box, if you still have not received any emails to confirm the purchase made, please Contact us.

In the purchase confirmation email you can consult your order number, as well as the links through which you can follow the state of your order. For more questions Contact us Or speak with us on WhatsApp.

The greater the amount of fabric you buy in Texland the lower the price of the meter. If you find that the site does not update the discount as a function of the intended quantity, as shown in the table, please contact our team. Click here To report the problem or immediately contact Texland by WhatsApp.

Product related:

Yes, the Texland Send samples from any fabric!

We know how important it is to see the colors and feel the textures of the tissues you need. At Texland We want your projects to be successful, so we ship by fabric samples that are 4x8cm scraps or other dimensions as a function of references. Samples are free, however you will have to secure the value of shipping sizes. Samples are not repayable and will always be sent to the available address!

To request samples of a fabric, create account and select on the products in question "request sample". You can request up to 5 samples. Submit the order and provide the data requested. Contact us For more information and clarify other questions.

It is only possible to return/exchange an article until the payment of the same, since the tissues will be cut according to the specifications and measures requested by the customer, it will not be possible after payment confirmation exchange or return articles. We ask that, before returning the product, contact us by email, letter, or telephone contact.
The cancellation of the order can only be made until payment, since only after payment will the cutting of the fabric will be made according to the measures requested by the customer. After payment, the customer will not be entitled to cancel the order and the resolution of the supply contract, pursuant to the provisions of Article 17 (c) of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February, namely: “Provision of goods made according to consumer specifications ormanifestly personalized”. The customer must notify us of their intention to cancel the order and resolution of the written contract, upon the use of any durable support, preferably by email:

Click here to know better Refund and return policy from the Texland.

Each fabric of Texland It has a price conditioned to the amount you want. See the price that is staggered on the product informative page. If you want to order a large number of a particular article, click "Large Quantities" and submit your order. In case of doubt please Contact us.

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